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The Senior Agenda

The Senior Agenda is a professional multidisciplinary team providing seminars and information; scaffolding to empower older members of your community to realise their potential.

As a registered Not For Profit (NFP) organisation, The Senior AgendaTM   collaborates with community organisations, Local, State and Federal Government bodies as well as the business community - across both the public and private sectors - to encourage and nurture sustainable, healthy life styles and life choices.

“We owe it to older persons and societies at large to fight ageism in all its forms and enhance the dignity and human rights of older persons everywhere.”

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon

Every stage of life has its own challenges. The Senior Agenda exists to equip older people to face challenges they encounter in a fast changing world.

Check out our services page and call us (or use our contact form) to discuss how your organisation can participate in this important work.

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